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Kenneth KEN9596
58 years
194 cm
97 kg
Glostrup / Denmark
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I am Kenneth Madsen. I live in Denmark.
I am on this site in hope to meet my future partner.
Give me yours :-). other place to get to k
Fred FRI5868
57 years
178 cm
83 kg
Cologne / Germany
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i search a very nice , good, love Lady.
Kazzie HEN8220
57 years
177 cm
80 kg
Faxe / Denmark
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Last update: 2021 september 25.

READ ALL MY PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME - read it thoroughly and read it all !!!


Send me a picture of you in a dress what reach the floor in your first message - if you can't do that, there is no reason to contact me, cause then I think you might be a fake profile.


Covid is on the run and there is no restrictions anymore here in Denmark - 80% of the population has got the vaccine so life is on the way back - that is wonderful.

You are welcome to come and live with me if we see us as a good match - I will gladly pay for your ticket to me, but first when you arrive here - I will be sure you are who you say are and what we have agreed about.

My computer is always turned on, so I might not be here - even I stand as online ..

Yes, I've been to your profile to look at you - I have a passion for looking at women and the way they dress - I just love to see if anyone dresses smartly in wonderful dresses or gowns.

My passion for the way women dress comes from my interest in wearing dresses - I'm a transvestite or crossdresser - but not full time - I usually only dress feminine privately or on special occasions. But I love wearing a dress or a skirt - the more feminine it looks, the better I feel.

I am into women, not men - even I love to dress as a woman myself - there is something special about being in a dress or skirt - Just love it.

All the pictures at my profile is me - there is no pictures of another person - both the pictures where I look like a man and also the pictures where I look like a woman - is all pictures of me - this is how I am and that is not going to change.
I am what people call a transvestite or a crossdresser

I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who want a submissive "girl" in life and a equal man in life.
I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who will live and enjoy dressing me as her girl in all the feminine dresses, skirts and gowns we can get - and then have joy in life for us both.

Just a fantasy - It could be nice to have a housekeeper, without pay, but am giving food and roof over the head. Who was living at my place and always was dressed as my maid or " xxxxx ".
Or another fantasy - having a daugther where I was the mother cause of my dressing - and offcause daughter is taking good care of mother.

As I say - just fantasies - but who know what the future will bring ;)
Leopold LEO3162
69 years
174 cm
85 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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Einen sehr guten Freund.
Grant GRA6704
60 years
181 cm
95 kg
Christchurc / New Zealand
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Looking for a real relationship and marriage..???? Are you finding it difficult looking for honesty, faithfulness, openess and truth...????? Try me. I have values. I don"t look down on people...I love Asian culture...I am a Christian man...Have God in my life....Tidy appearance, kind, honest, romantic, affectionate, outgoing, positive, confident, happy, likes humour, sensitive to feelings of a woman's needs and emotions, considerate and respectful of women. Try find me here.....Hope you understand my secret here for you. ..Looking for an Asian woman for a true relationship and marriage , for a long happy., love filled life. Must like affection and romance and made to feel important and special. I am looking for a warm down to earth woman who has values and who wants a man with values such as faithfulness, commitment, loyalty, honesty etc. I am also looking for a woman who is ready to start a real and genuine relationship leading to marriage....My kids are grown up and both lead their own lives. I live alone and now am ready to share my life with my soulmate.
Is it you ?
Andreas AND1005
56 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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am a german engineer , who work and live in china.

i am in
Andrew AND8385
65 years
174 cm
71 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I like riding bikes, cooking, libraries, reading books, museums and meeting people. i like fresh air and country life .I enjoy to cook and want to learn cook Thai cuisine.
working is good for the mind and heart . I hope my partner like to work too.
Hansi HAN3028
62 years
180 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Sometimes things happens .....
No Gold-Member - no chat :-( !!!!!
Joachim JOA2110
62 years
170 cm
96 kg
Sottrum / Germany
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Dirk DIR3271
58 years
166 cm
62 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hey, everything ok? I am looking for an honest, faithful, humorous, reliable and uncomplicated Thai woman with whom I can share my life. Where are you? Thank you for visiting my profile
We WER1337
57 years
173 cm
85 kg
Freiburg / Germany
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Simple me look for simple and kind she
Gary GAR3950
70 years
173 cm
91 kg
Waterford / United States of America
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I'm a honest guy that want to find a honest woman to settle down with and have fun.
Mike MIK4782
47 years
178 cm
72 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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Search for relationship. Can't read privet info
Dan DAN3378
53 years
175 cm
65 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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:-) Helloooo .... !

Thank you for visiting my profile.

I am Dan from Switzerland central Europe and I am looking for your love.

I am besides:

• single
• swissmade
• engineer, internet publisher and journalist (if I want, and when it may be, I have a pretty sharp tongue ... )
• while meanwhile a little bit older, I am usually still not estimated more than about 50 - rather than vice versa ...
• not hairy, but tenderly, clean and healthy (tested HI-virus free and completly CoVid vaccinated),
• neither stubborn nor wishy-washy,
• with quite good knowledges in french (mainly orally ... ) and lots of fun with conversation - and not only in French ... ; -)
• my favorites:
- love, culture, humor;
- music, photography, design, internet;
- reading and writing;
- travelling, hiking, cycling, flying, skiing;
- outings, food, beverage;
- chatting, laughing;
• some of it you can see at xxxxxxxcom/people/knipsr
• some of it I can also do with my mates company, but for the most important thing I miss:

... a female ...

... to listen, to see, to smell, to feel, to taste, to enjoy and to spoil, yes ...

If you are the woman,
who is looking for an experienced, established, understanding,
exceptional, neither ugly nor stupid lover, friend and partner,
not only for his monetary
and his gene pool (family reasons and so),
that would be greatful ...

Hope to meet you in cam chat soon ...

Thank you ... ... Dan

Please notice:

You can mostly meet me online (your time):
from early afternoon until early morning

I will not spend weeks and months typing and not seeing.
I want to see the one who I am trying to know better.
Carl CAR1947
67 years
178 cm
72 kg
Rheinfelden / Germany
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bin lieb und nett, nicht nur im bett, hab normale figur , wohne in deutschland am rhein und lade dich gerne zumir ein carl
Fritz FRI6827
58 years
193 cm
98 kg
Freiburg / Germany
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Hello to my future wife and lover..

The appearance will decide with whom you come in the first moments together .. the love decides how often one comes along .. The character often decides how long you stay together .. but sometimes decides just the love...


""Or send me some informations for any messenger to having a contct with you.""

It's not so easy to tell something about yourself, but that is exactly what I am, at first I am reserved and shy. but once I have to trust I am an open book and very loyal.
I dont smoke and drink no longer many years, life is too short for this stupid nonsense to continue.

For me it is quite important that we can laugh together every day, as long as you can laugh, you can love each other. I love it a lot to do with my "wife".

Fun, ,,,and that is topic S.E.X also,,, together is very important to me. Because that will be a good basic for love and marriage.

If you are really insatiable in S.E.X, preferring to be taken from behind into your both lust holes by your lover and husband - no matter which hole I take from you then - you also want to be taken orally, then we fit together well in this constellation.

It is as important as daily hugs and affections, just as important as to master everyday life together. Because I want to. Then I would also really like to live with you.


""Or send me some informations for any messenger to having a contct with you.""

I am very much looking forward to a contact with you, and I also wish all other seekers good luck.

Frode HNS7207
66 years
177 cm
74 kg
Chon Buri / Thailand
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Hello. I'm looking for a nice sporty Thai lady between 45 and 65 years old.
I am a man with passion,not perfect but nice and straightforward I like working with my hands.
Walk in the mountains, ride bicycle, runs and swim.
Love driving motorbike around in Thailand.
Love Thailand and thai food.
I live in Thailand/ Nong Prue Bang Lamung at the time, but I can move
I am not rich but I will survive on my pension. I do not want children because I am too old for
that responsebilety.
Have a nice day to you all :-)
Toni ELM3614
50 years
171 cm
65 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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About me.
Others describe me as a charismatic man with an athletic appearance. My job also embodies my own style. I am an independent businessman and work with solar and electronics technology. My behavior towards other people is always charming, very friendly and always funny. I am a gentleman and I abhor violence and lies towards other people.

I'm looking for a girlfriend or maybe more and I'm looking forward to nice contacts.
Michael MIC4125
61 years
177 cm
91 kg
Torrance / United States of America
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I am a fun loving man who enjoys meeting & learning about people from everywhere. I hope find someone serious, funny & knows how to care.
Thomas TOM9927
69 years
162 cm
65 kg
Earth / United Kingdom
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Hi, my name is Tom.

I am retired now, so I have time on my hands.
I have been single for a few years now, and would like to possibly settle down. Not necessarily get married however,

I am a very easy going kind of guy. I love travelling, although I have not done much in the last few years.

I love animals and nature.

My ideal partner I prefer from either Thailand, although I will still be interested in you if you come from any of the Far East Countries.

I am a young sixty six year young and getting younger by the day....hehehe I wished....

If you are interested, please do not be afraid to contact me.

Three things I don't talk xxxx Religion
2) Money... So D O N T xxxx Politics